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  • June 20, 2024
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Foro de Costa Rica Launches VIP and Implements Strict Age Verification to Enhance User Security

Foro de Costa Rica Launches VIP and Implements Strict Age Verification to Enhance User Security

Limón, Costa Rica — Foro de Costa Rica, the most influential online forum in Costa Rica, has unveiled a significant upgrade to its platform with the introduction of the VIP Forum, where previously closed threads have been reopened. This initiative is part of a series of strategic enhancements implemented throughout 2024, aimed at improving user experience and ensuring the highest standards of security.

Starting in January, Foro de Costa Rica introduced a new registration policy that requires all new members to verify their age by presenting their national ID. This measure ensures that only individuals over the age of 18 can join the forum, aligning with the platform’s commitment to adult-only content.

The policy has been well-received by new members and has been instrumental in virtually eliminating spam threads, achieving a remarkable 99% reduction. This improvement has significantly bolstered the security of the forum, ensuring that interactions are genuine and safeguarding the community from disruptive troll behavior.

In a move to further enhance the user experience, Foro de Costa Rica launched the “Forero VIP” pass. This pass, available for 10,000 colons, offers members enhanced privacy and exclusive benefits, including access to the newly established VIP Forum. This private forum is a unique space within Foro de Costa Rica where all threads that had been closed since 2009 have been reopened, providing a rich archive of discussions for its members.

To clarify the nature of the reopened threads, TicosLand reached out to Professor Marcelo, an administrator at Foro de Costa Rica.

In VIP are only the old/closed threads and not the removed. We usually remove posts when they are pictures or content not allowed by law, so we’re respectful of the law and once a thread or post has been removed it is not possible to get it back.

Profesor Marcelo Gigante, administrator of FDCR

This statement underscores the forum’s adherence to legal standards and its commitment to maintaining a respectful and lawful digital environment.

Foro de Costa Rica’s continuous efforts to innovate and improve have not only kept it at the forefront of its niche but also solidified its reputation as the most secure platform for adult entertainment discussions in Costa Rica.

The introduction of the VIP Forum and the successful implementation of new security measures demonstrate the platform’s dedication to providing a safe, engaging, and enriching user experience.

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Foro de Costa Rica is the foremost online discussion platform in Costa Rica, offering a space for users to engage in a wide range of topics. Committed to providing a secure and enriching user experience, Foro de Costa Rica continues to evolve and adapt, setting the standard for online forums in the region.

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