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  • July 21, 2024
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Frenteamplista Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta Rest in Peace

Frenteamplista Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta Rest in Peace

Heredia, Costa Rica — Born on a Saturday, precisely on September 13, 1958, Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta was a beloved son of Heredia, a cherished son, brother, uncle, and father to Fabian, Lucia, and Juan Manuel.

Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta passed away at the San Vicente de Paul Hospital in his beloved and native Heredia on Friday, July 19, after concluding his life’s journey, having lived 24,052 days marked by a resolute character in defending the interests of the Heredian people who demonstrated their affection in his well-attended farewell.

  • Draped over his casket was the flag of his beloved Frente Amplio party, reflecting his active role as a member of its Political Commission and National Assembly. His contributions also included his involvement with the Costa Rican Vanguard Youth (JVC) and the Costa Rican People’s Youth (JPC).
  • His unforgettable tenure at the National University of Costa Rica, where he was a student leader, and his indelible impact in Heredia, where he will be remembered as a leader who always knew how to unite the Heredian community, stand as testaments to his enduring legacy.
  • Known affectionately as Don Jimmy by his neighbors in the Corazón de Jesús neighborhood of Heredia, he is also remembered as the President of the Integral Development Association of Barrio Corazón de Jesús and as a board member of the Cantonal Union of Development Associations of Heredia.

Jimmy held many titles, yet the one he took most seriously was that of a citizen.

He was a person who always sought to help the underprivileged and ensure justice was shared among all.

The best uncle in the world, he always tried to keep the family united and gave us advice, love, and quality time. His memory and teachings will always accompany us

Lic. Larry Hans Arroyo Vargas, Jimmy’s nephew

Jimmy succumbed to lung cancer, a battle he fought with gallantry and courage.

His friends and comrades from the Frente Amplio, with tears in their eyes, bid him a final farewell.

His strength and determination undoubtedly inspired a new political generation that now leads in various arenas.

Rest in peace, Jimmy Arroyo. He taught me everything I know about political organization. He was a man who guided me on the path of community and cantonal political struggle. It is a noble act to be grateful! Onward, master

Jorge Santamaría, Mayor of San Rafael de Heredia.

We also remember Jimmy Arroyo’s entrepreneurial spirit. For a long time, he led the Arar Lithography, marking a significant milestone in national graphic arts.

Additionally, he was the Manager of ZARZA from 2000 to 2010, where he stood out for his conciliatory talent and excellent business management in the field of information technology.

About Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta:
Jimmy Arroyo Arrieta was a dedicated public servant and community leader from Heredia, Costa Rica. His legacy includes significant contributions to political and social movements, as well as impactful leadership in business and community development.

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