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  • May 21, 2024
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CNP to Boost Local Economy by Purchasing Rice Directly from Producers

CNP to Boost Local Economy by Purchasing Rice Directly from Producers

Guanacaste, Costa Rica —The National Production Council (CNP) of Costa Rica has announced a significant initiative to bolster its support for the agricultural sector by purchasing rice from micro, small, and medium-sized producers during the 2024-2025 rice growing season. This move aims to secure the production from approximately 3,500 hectares, translating into around 192,500 sacks of rice.

This decision aligns with the objectives of the Institutional Supply Program (PAI), reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable and equitable agricultural landscape.

This strategic move not only supports our local farmers by ensuring a stable market for their products but also reinforces our national food security during these challenging times.

A representative from the CNP

Under the plan, purchases will be conducted through several key organizations including Cooparroz R.L in Parrita, Ceproma La Palmera in Upala, and Coopeliberia R.L, alongside Arrocera Liborio S.A. and Arrocera San Pedro de Lagunilla S.A. in Guanacaste.

The CNP has set the purchasing price at ₡25,389 per 73.6 Kg sack, with adjustments for quality. The registration process for interested producers will be communicated timely, ensuring an inclusive approach where small-scale farmers can sell their entire production while medium-sized farms are limited to 25 hectares.

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About CNP

The National Production Council (CNP) is a pivotal institution in Costa Rica, dedicated to enhancing the development and sustainability of the agricultural sector through strategic initiatives that support local producers and promote food security across the nation.

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