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  • May 21, 2024
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“Coaching para Gerentes” The Podcast – Marks a Year of Global Influence with Listeners in Over 20 Countries

“Coaching para Gerentes” The Podcast – Marks a Year of Global Influence with Listeners in Over 20 Countries

Guanacaste, Costa Rica — In a notable milestone for Spanish-language business media, the podcast “Coaching para Gerentes” celebrates its first anniversary with a thriving international listenership spanning more than 20 countries.

Launched with the aim of fostering managerial and leadership skills, the podcast has successfully carved a niche among business owners, managers, and corporate directors across the globe.

Available on its website at and popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and TuneIn, Coaching para Gerentes has produced 22 episodes to date, totaling 493 minutes of compelling content designed to inspire and educate its audience.

The reach and response to our podcast have been truly remarkable. It’s fulfilling to see how our content resonates with so many across different continents, helping them to not only lead but master in their respective fields

Lawerence Arrugia, Executive Producer

Coaching para Gerentes vision was to create a resource that not only informs but also transforms its listeners and they’ve actually exceeded their goal.

The episodes are released on the last Tuesday of each month, ensuring a regular flow of fresh and impactful insights tailored to the needs of today’s leaders.

Coaching para Gerentes continues to offer all its episodes for free, underlining its commitment to accessible, high-quality content for professionals worldwide.

Presented by the consulting agency Coaching Gerencial, which provides specialized coaching services to prominent managers globally, the podcast stands as a testament to the power of targeted digital media in the business landscape.

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About Coaching para Gerentes
Coaching para Gerentes is a pioneering Spanish-language podcast dedicated to enhancing the skills and strategies of business owners, managers, and directors worldwide. Through a series of targeted episodes, the podcast delivers original, high-impact content designed to challenge conventional thinking and promote best practices in management and leadership. As a platform for continuous professional development, Coaching para Gerentes serves as a crucial resource for executives seeking to navigate the complexities of modern business environments effectively.

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About Coaching Gerencial
Coaching Gerencial is a consulting agency renowned for delivering superior coaching services to managers and leaders around the world. With a focus on fostering effective leadership and management skills, Coaching Gerencial supports professionals in achieving their fullest potential through tailored guidance and strategic advice.

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