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  • May 21, 2024
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The Universal Language of Music Flows at INTERNACIONALES Radio

The Universal Language of Music Flows at INTERNACIONALES Radio

Limón, Costa Rica — In an era where streaming platforms and podcasts dominate the airwaves, INTERNACIONALES Radio has carved out a distinctive niche in the online music industry.

Broadcasting a rich tapestry of sounds that span the golden decades from the 1950s to the present, this station has become a haven for music lovers across the globe who crave a taste of nostalgia mixed with modern hits.

Operating from its website,, INTERNACIONALES Radio offers a bilingual experience primarily in Spanish, catering to a diverse audience. Its dedicated apps for Android and iOS have significantly broadened its reach, allowing listeners from different parts of the world to tune into their favorite tunes and shows with just a click.

The station’s programming is as eclectic as its music. Evenings are filled with laughter and light-heartedness through comedy and humor segments, while the early mornings are reserved for romantic melodies that set a serene start to the day. Every morning, the station transitions its listeners from slumber to inspiration with spiritual music designed to uplift and energize.

Saturdays at INTERNACIONALES Radio are a treat for the family. Mornings buzz with children’s music, turning into an afternoon of English hits that appeal to a wider audience. Sundays transform into a day-long fiesta with Latin music from dawn till midnight, ensuring that the weekend ends on a high note.

Moreover, the station also intersperses its musical offerings with short, impactful shows that deliver advice on entrepreneurship and lifestyle, adding value to its listeners’ daily routines.

We aim to provide not just music but a full cultural immersion that enriches the lives of our listeners. Our diverse programming ensures there’s something for everyone, any day of the week.


As INTERNACIONALES Radio continues to expand its auditory and cultural boundaries, it invites listeners to stay tuned throughout the day, promising an enriching, entertaining, and educative experience.

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INTERNACIONALES Radio is an online radio station that streams a wide variety of music in Spanish from the past seven decades. With dedicated apps for mobile devices, the station reaches a global audience, offering music, comedy, spiritual content, and lifestyle advice, fostering a rich, culturally diverse listening experience.

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