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  • May 21, 2024
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Davivienda Achieves Carbon Neutral Certification, Leading in Environmental Responsibility

Davivienda Achieves Carbon Neutral Certification, Leading in Environmental Responsibility

Heredia, Costa Rica — Davivienda has set a groundbreaking precedent by becoming the first multinational organization to be awarded the Carbon Neutral certification by ICONTEC. This prestigious recognition underscores the bank’s comprehensive efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and foster sustainable practices across its operations.

In Costa Rica, Davivienda has made notable progress by offsetting 371.67 tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

This significant achievement was accomplished through a combination of strategic tree planting initiatives and the acquisition of carbon credits. These efforts are part of a broader, multi-faceted approach that Davivienda has employed to mitigate its environmental impact. The organization’s commitment extends beyond offsetting emissions; it also includes comprehensive energy efficiency measures and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Davivienda’s sustainability strategy is not confined to Costa Rica. Across its operational footprint, the bank has undertaken various initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon emissions. This includes the implementation of cutting-edge energy-saving technologies and the transition to greener, more sustainable energy alternatives. The ICONTEC certification serves as a testament to these sustained efforts and positions Davivienda as a leader in corporate environmental responsibility in Latin America.

Achieving Carbon Neutral certification reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability. It motivates us to continue innovating and implementing strategies that promote environmental stewardship. We believe in the power of sustainable practices to drive positive change, not just within our organization, but across the communities we serve.

Reinaldo Romero Gómez, Executive Vice President of Davivienda

This achievement by Davivienda is expected to inspire other organizations within the region to adopt similar sustainability practices, thereby contributing to broader environmental conservation goals. The bank’s leadership in this domain highlights the critical role that the financial sector can play in advancing environmental sustainability.

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About Davivienda
Davivienda is a leading financial institution dedicated to driving positive environmental impact through sustainable practices and innovation. Operating across Latin America, Davivienda strives to reduce its carbon footprint and foster a culture of environmental responsibility within the financial sector.

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