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  • July 13, 2024
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Universal’s 97-Year Legacy Honored with Prestigious essential COSTA RICA Certification for Commitment to National Values

Universal’s 97-Year Legacy Honored with Prestigious essential COSTA RICA Certification for Commitment to National Values

San José, Costa Rica — Universal, the celebrated “official store of Costa Rica” with a legacy spanning 97 years and 12 branches nationwide, has been awarded the prestigious “esencial COSTA RICA” certification.

This recognition underscores the store’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, social progress, innovation, and Costa Rican engagement.

Thanks to the management and best practices we have implemented and developed over more than nine decades of operation, Universal’s 12 stores today meet the highest standards required to be essential COSTA RICA. This is a testament to our commitment to the country.

Marisya Federspiel, Director of Corporate Communications at Universal

In addition to its main operations, Universal has also gained recognition for its Lego concept stores, becoming the first company nationwide to receive the Marca País for franchise-based stores, originating from Denmark and holding significant international acclaim.

It is an honor to award the essential COSTA RICA license to Universal, a company that not only embodies the values of the Marca País but is also a symbol of Costa Rican identity. This longstanding national company contributes to job creation and offers opportunities to more than 450 families. Therefore, it fills us with satisfaction that companies like this join the Marca País and work with us to build an increasingly competitive country with higher standards.

Laura López, General Manager of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER)

Costa Rica has long been recognized as a leader in sustainability, innovation, and social progress. The country’s strategic position in the global business landscape is bolstered by its commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development.

Certifications like essential COSTA RICA not only highlight the achievements of local companies like Universal but also send a powerful message to the international community about the nation’s dedication to maintaining high standards. This recognition shows that Costa Rica is continually enhancing its global reputation, demonstrating that the country is not only a beautiful destination but also a thriving hub for responsible and innovative business practices.

Universal now joins a distinguished group of over 700 licensed companies (475 from the commercial sector, 255 from the tourism sector, and 66 from the foreign direct investment sector) dedicated to sustainability and enhancing Costa Rica’s competitiveness.

The “esencial COSTA RICA” initiative aims to position and leverage Costa Rica’s image in international markets, enhancing the country’s reputation to attract tourism, foreign direct investment, and promote the export of goods and services.

In 2023, marking a decade since its inception, essential COSTA RICA defined the 2035 Strategy, prioritizing strong messaging focused on climate change and sustainability through the concept of Natural Intelligence.

Costa Rica, known for its environmental preservation efforts, will build on this foundation to strengthen its international image and drive actions that cement its leadership in these crucial areas.

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About Universal:
Universal is a renowned retail chain in Costa Rica with a history of 97 years. Known as the “official store of Costa Rica” and “official Christmas store,” Universal operates 12 branches nationwide, offering a wide range of products and services. The company is committed to excellence, sustainability, social progress, and innovation, playing a significant role in the Costa Rican market and contributing to the local economy and community.

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