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  • July 13, 2024
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SEMICON West 2024 Exhibits Costa Rica in The Premier Semiconductor Fair in San Francisco, California

SEMICON West 2024 Exhibits Costa Rica in The Premier Semiconductor Fair in San Francisco, California

Limón, Costa Rica – As SEMICON West 2024 concludes today in San Francisco, California, Costa Rica’s impressive participation has left a significant mark on the global semiconductor industry. This premier fair, held at the Moscone Center, showcased Costa Rica’s potential as a burgeoning hub for semiconductor development, attracting attention from over 600 industry-leading companies.

Costa Rica’s presence at SEMICON West 2024, orchestrated by CINDE, BAC, and InnovaPark, underscores the nation’s strategic importance in the semiconductor sector. With around 20 companies already part of the semiconductor ecosystem and many more indirectly involved, Costa Rica is poised for substantial growth.

Authorities anticipate several projects from companies looking to expand or diversify operations due to the reconfiguration of the semiconductor supply chain.

Costa Rica’s selection as a strategic partner for the U.S. Chips Act is a testament to our robust capabilities in attracting and promoting foreign investment. We aim to position our country as a key player in advanced manufacturing, emphasizing high-value processes such as microchip design, assembly, packaging, and testing

Marianela Urgellés, Director General of CINDE

Participation in SEMICON West is a first for Costa Rica, marking its affiliation with SEMI, the leading global industry association for microelectronics. This membership paves the way for Costa Rica to engage more deeply in the semiconductor industry’s challenges and opportunities, promoting innovative solutions and technologies.

Costa Rica’s competitive edge is further highlighted by its efficient and rapid port operations, ranking among the top ten globally according to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2023.

This logistical advantage positions Costa Rica as a viable alternative to Asian destinations within the semiconductor supply chain.

Costa Rica is well-positioned, but we must continue to enhance the skills of our workforce to fully capitalize on this opportunity

Marianela Urgellés, Director General of CINDE

The country’s strategic initiatives include fostering collaboration across sectors to drive technological advancements in semiconductor production.

These efforts aim to create disruptive technologies and emerging autonomous applications, solidifying Costa Rica’s role in the global semiconductor landscape.

As the SEMICON West 2024 concludes, Costa Rica’s participation has not only raised its profile but also opened doors for future investments and partnerships.

The nation’s commitment to advancing its semiconductor industry promises to yield substantial economic benefits and reinforce its position as a key player in the global market.

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About CINDE:
The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to attracting and promoting foreign direct investment in Costa Rica. CINDE focuses on fostering sustainable development and advancing the country’s economic growth through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives in various high-value industries, including the semiconductor sector.

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