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  • July 13, 2024
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Banco Nacional Fuels Success of Santa María de Dota’s Award-Winning Coffees

Banco Nacional Fuels Success of Santa María de Dota’s Award-Winning Coffees

Cartago, Costa Rica — Santa María de Dota, renowned for its rich coffee heritage, celebrated a significant victory at the Taza de la Excelencia 2024, an esteemed coffee quality competition. This triumph was notably supported by Banco Nacional (BN), underscoring the bank’s pivotal role in the success of local coffee producers. The achievements of Ricardo Calderón e hijos of Café Don Cayito and Roger Ureña Hidalgo of Finca Santa Teresa, both top contenders in the competition, highlighted the positive impact of BN’s financial backing.

Banco Nacional has been instrumental in empowering these producers to reach new heights. Their support has enabled farmers to adopt advanced agricultural practices, invest in better processing equipment, and enhance their overall production quality.

The bank’s involvement extends beyond mere financial support. BN has actively participated in creating programs that educate coffee producers about sustainable farming techniques and market strategies. This holistic approach ensures that the benefits of their financial products are maximized, fostering a resilient and competitive coffee sector in Costa Rica. Such initiatives have positioned Banco Nacional as a key player in the economic development of Santa María de Dota and the surrounding regions.

Thanks to Banco Nacional, we have expanded our farms and improved our processes, enabling us to win such prestigious awards

Ricardo Calderón, one of the competition winners

This sentiment reflects the broader influence of BN’s initiatives on the local coffee industry.

The success of Café Don Cayito and Finca Santa Teresa at the Taza de la Excelencia 2024 has not only brought pride to the local community but also attracted international attention. Their award-winning coffees are now sought after by global buyers, opening up new market opportunities and increasing demand for high-quality Costa Rican coffee. Banco Nacional’s support has thus had a ripple effect, enhancing the reputation of the country’s coffee on the world stage.

Moreover, the bank’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in its efforts to promote local tourism and employment through the success of these coffee enterprises. By fostering a thriving coffee culture, Banco Nacional is contributing to the overall economic vitality of the region. This, in turn, helps to sustain livelihoods and improve the quality of life for many families involved in coffee production.

Banco Nacional’s strategic investments and comprehensive support programs have enabled coffee producers to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. This has been crucial in maintaining the high standards required to compete and succeed in international competitions like the Taza de la Excelencia. The bank’s role in these achievements exemplifies its dedication to fostering growth and excellence in Costa Rica’s agricultural sector.

Looking ahead, Banco Nacional plans to continue its support for the coffee industry, with initiatives aimed at further improving production techniques and expanding market access. The bank’s long-term vision aligns with the goals of local producers, ensuring that Costa Rican coffee remains competitive and acclaimed on a global scale.

This sustained support will undoubtedly lead to more success stories and further solidify the bank’s reputation as a champion of local enterprise.

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About Banco Nacional:
Banco Nacional is a leading financial institution in Costa Rica, dedicated to supporting sustainable business practices and community development through high-quality financial services. Its comprehensive approach includes financial products, educational programs, and strategic investments aimed at fostering economic growth and social well-being across the country.

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