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  • June 20, 2024
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Tech Leader Weve Technology Launches Costa Rica Operations as a Catalyst for Regional Innovation

Tech Leader Weve Technology Launches Costa Rica Operations as a Catalyst for Regional Innovation

Alajuela, Costa Rica — Weve Technology, a U.S.-based leader in software development for corporate gaming applications, has officially launched its operations in Costa Rica with a substantial investment of $100,000. This strategic move includes the creation of ten hybrid jobs in high-demand fields such as UI-UX design and programming in technologies like React Native, JavaScript, and Python.

Located in the Parque Empresarial Zona Franca La Ceiba in Orotina, Weve Technology aims to bolster the local economy and technological landscape.

The company expressed its enthusiasm for contributing to the region’s development and collaborating closely with local authorities and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

The establishment of Weve Technology in Orotina demonstrates the potential of communities outside the GAM to attract foreign direct investment, generate quality employment, and foster development for their communities. This investment aligns with our strategy to diversify both productive sectors and regions within Costa Rica, promoting equitable and sustainable development across the country,

Laura López, General Manager of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER)

Costa Rica has increasingly become a vital hub for tech companies and innovation in the region. The country’s strategic location, robust educational system, and supportive business environment have attracted numerous multinational corporations in the tech sector.

Over the past decade, Costa Rica has developed a reputation for fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship, making it an ideal destination for companies like Weve Technology looking to expand their global footprint.

According to PROCOMER, Weve Technology joins over 240 service companies operating in Costa Rica. In 2023, the country achieved a historic record in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with 59 new investment projects, 80% of which belong to the service sector.

This trend underscores Costa Rica’s growing importance as a regional leader in technology and innovation, providing a fertile ground for businesses to thrive and innovate.

The choice of Orotina for Weve Technology’s new operations signifies a commitment to leveraging the untapped potential of regions outside the GAM. This move is expected to not only create job opportunities but also stimulate local economies and contribute to the broader national goal of equitable growth.

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About Weve Technology:
Weve Technology is a U.S.-based company specializing in software development for corporate gaming applications. Focused on innovation and human talent, Weve Technology is committed to leading change in the digital entertainment industry, collaborating with professionals worldwide to deliver creative and exciting solutions.

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