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  • June 20, 2024
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The Saudi Food Show Features Costa Rican Coffee from Beneficio Las Peñas and Tertulia Brugge

The Saudi Food Show Features Costa Rican Coffee from Beneficio Las Peñas and Tertulia Brugge

Puntarenas, Costa Rica — Costa Rican coffee recently made a significant impression at The Saudi Food Show in Riyadh, marking a vital step for the nation’s coffee industry in the Middle Eastern market. The event featured over 1,000 exhibitors from 97 countries, showcasing the global food and beverage industry’s diversity and innovation.

Diversification in markets like the Middle East is essential for our economic growth and sustainability.
The presence of companies led by Costa Rican women highlights the high quality and added value of our products

Laura López, General Manager of PROCOMER

This strategic initiative reflects Costa Rica’s broader goal to expand its market footprint and showcase its premium agricultural products on a global stage.

The Saudi Food Show presented a unique opportunity for Costa Rican businesses to engage directly with a dynamic and rapidly growing market.

Participating in person in Saudi Arabia, a country previously considered culturally inaccessible, is an unparalleled opportunity.
It allows us to understand the market better and showcase our premium coffee products

Erika Araya, International Sales Executive at Beneficio Las Peñas

This direct engagement is crucial for building long-term business relationships and adapting products to meet local preferences.

The Costa Rican delegation also engaged in comprehensive market research by visiting local cafes and supermarkets in Riyadh. This hands-on approach provided invaluable insights into consumer preferences, competitive products, and potential areas for innovation. Understanding local tastes and trends is essential for Costa Rican companies aiming to carve out a niche in the competitive Saudi market.

Saudi Arabia is a key trade partner for Costa Rica in the Middle East, with bilateral trade reaching $37.7 million in 2023. Costa Rican exports to Saudi Arabia include bananas, gold coffee, medical equipment, pineapples, and ornamental plants, reflecting a diverse and robust trade relationship. The expansion into the Saudi market is expected to bolster these numbers, providing new opportunities for Costa Rican exporters.

Furthermore, the participation of companies like Tertulia Brugge underscores the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capabilities of Costa Rican businesses. Tertulia Brugge has made a name for itself by blending traditional coffee-growing techniques with modern sustainability practices. Their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility resonates well with international consumers, particularly in regions like the Middle East where premium quality and ethical sourcing are highly valued.

The successful showcasing of Costa Rican coffee at The Saudi Food Show exemplifies the nation’s strategic efforts to diversify its export markets and promote its high-quality products. It also highlights the importance of female leadership in driving the country’s economic growth and global presence. The collaboration between private enterprises and government agencies like PROCOMER is a testament to Costa Rica’s proactive approach to international trade and economic development.

As Costa Rica continues to expand its global reach, events like The Saudi Food Show will play a pivotal role in establishing new market connections and enhancing the visibility of its premium products. The experience gained and the relationships forged at such events are invaluable assets for Costa Rican businesses looking to succeed on the international stage.

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About Beneficio Las Peñas:
Beneficio Las Peñas is a Costa Rican coffee producer known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. The company focuses on producing premium coffee that showcases the unique flavors of Costa Rica’s rich coffee-growing regions. Their dedication to excellence and sustainable practices ensures that every cup of coffee is a testament to Costa Rica’s agricultural heritage.

About Tertulia Brugge:
Tertulia Brugge is a distinguished Costa Rican coffee company led by visionary women. It is dedicated to delivering high-quality coffee with a strong emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Tertulia Brugge combines traditional coffee-growing techniques with innovative practices to produce coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also supports the well-being of local communities and the environment.

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