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  • July 13, 2024
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Volaris Announces Direct Air Route Between Guadalajara, Mexico to Costa Rica Expanding Bilateral Relations

Volaris Announces Direct Air Route Between Guadalajara, Mexico to Costa Rica Expanding Bilateral Relations

Alajuela, Costa Rica — In a significant move to enhance connectivity and bolster tourism and business between Mexico and Central America, Volaris has announced the launch of a new direct route from Guadalajara, Mexico, to San José, Costa Rica. The route, which will commence operations on October 29, 2024, is set to offer two weekly flights, providing travelers with convenient options on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

This new air route is part of Volaris’ broader strategy to expand its footprint in the Central American market and cater to the growing demand for travel between these regions.

Costa Rica has established itself as the epicenter of business in Central America, attracting not only tourists but also a growing number of business travelers and investors each year. The country’s robust economy, political stability, and strategic location make it a prime destination for international business activities. With this new route, Volaris is poised to tap into the increasing flow of visitors who are not just seeking Costa Rica’s natural beauty but also its vibrant business environment.

This route will strengthen tourism and cultural exchange between our nations, facilitating more accessible travel for both business and leisure.

Enrique Beltranena, CEO of Volaris

The direct flights are expected to significantly impact both countries’ tourism sectors. Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity and ecotourism opportunities, stands to attract a substantial number of Mexican tourists. Simultaneously, Mexican cities like Guadalajara, famous for their cultural heritage and culinary delights, will become more accessible to Costa Rican travelers.

The new route by Volaris will undoubtedly boost our tourism industry, create jobs, and generate significant economic activity,

William Rodríguez, Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister

The new route also symbolizes the strengthening of bilateral relations between Mexico and Costa Rica. As travel becomes easier and more frequent, opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual understanding will flourish. This initiative aligns with broader efforts to enhance regional cooperation and economic integration within Latin America.

Volaris, known for its ultra-low-cost business model, will offer competitive fares on this new route, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. The airline’s modern fleet, which includes the Airbus A320neo, ensures a comfortable and efficient flying experience. This investment in fleet modernization reflects Volaris’ commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

This new route is part of Volaris’ ongoing efforts to expand its network across Central America. The airline has been steadily increasing its presence in the region, with new routes and increased flight frequencies aimed at meeting the growing demand for affordable air travel. Volaris’ strategic expansion underscores its confidence in the Central American market’s potential.

Passengers on the new Guadalajara-San José route can expect a range of services designed to enhance their travel experience. Volaris offers various in-flight options, including a selection of snacks and beverages, comfortable seating, and a user-friendly online booking system. Additionally, the airline’s frequent flyer program, VClub, provides members with exclusive benefits and discounts.

In addition to expanding its route network, Volaris is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The airline’s modern fleet is equipped with fuel-efficient engines that help lower carbon emissions. Volaris has also implemented various sustainability initiatives, including waste reduction programs and efforts to minimize single-use plastics on board.

Volaris’ customer-centric approach is evident in its continuous efforts to improve service quality and address passenger needs. The airline regularly seeks feedback from travelers to refine its offerings and ensure a positive flying experience. This focus on customer satisfaction has earned Volaris a loyal customer base and a strong reputation in the industry.

The new route between Guadalajara and San José is expected to support regional development by facilitating business travel and tourism. Increased connectivity will enable businesses to explore new markets and foster collaborations, driving economic growth in both regions. Local businesses, particularly in the hospitality and service sectors, stand to benefit from the influx of tourists and business travelers.

Looking ahead, Volaris plans to continue its expansion strategy, with more routes and increased flight frequencies on the horizon. The airline is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for air travel in Latin America, leveraging its efficient operations and customer-focused services. As Volaris continues to innovate and expand, travelers can look forward to more convenient and affordable travel options in the future.

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About Volaris:
Volaris is a Mexican ultra-low-cost airline that operates in Mexico, the United States, Central, and South America, offering affordable and accessible air travel options. With one of the most modern fleets in North America, Volaris is dedicated to providing a safe, efficient, and enjoyable flying experience for its passengers.

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