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  • July 13, 2024
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METALUB Pioneers Circular Economy with Costa Rica’s First Re-Refining Plant

METALUB Pioneers Circular Economy with Costa Rica’s First Re-Refining Plant

Alajuela, Costa Rica — Costa Rica has taken a monumental step towards sustainability with the inauguration of METALUB’s state-of-the-art re-refining plant. Located in La Ceiba de Orotina, this facility is the first in Central America to re-refine used lubricants, transforming them into high-quality motor oils without relying on hydrocarbon extraction.

Spanning 6,600 square meters, METALUB’s plant processes 500,000 liters of used oil monthly, yielding 375,000 liters of base oil. This initiative, backed by a $12 million investment from private sources, bonds, and a $3 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank, positions Costa Rica as a global leader in circular economy practices.

Traditional oil production methods require 84 barrels of crude oil to produce one barrel of base oil, whereas METALUB’s re-refining process only needs 1.25 barrels of used oil. This dramatic reduction in resource consumption exemplifies the environmental benefits of re-refining, including significant reductions in carbon emissions and the prevention of soil and water contamination.

METALUB produces lubricants re-refined with global standards, comparable in quality and performance to leading transnational brands. We are a sustainable option that protects both engines and the environment

Jorge Jimenez, METALUB’s General Manager

The plant’s innovative processes include distillation, solvent extraction, and multi-stage filtration, resulting in high-purity base oil ready for blending with top-tier additives. The final product meets global standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API), ensuring both performance and sustainability.

In addition to environmental benefits, METALUB’s operations promise economic advantages for Costa Rica. By reducing dependence on imported lubricants, METALUB helps retain capital within the country, fostering local employment and economic growth.

Prominent companies, including Correos de Costa Rica and INCOFER, have already adopted METALUB’s lubricants, contributing to lower carbon footprints.

METALUB is a 100% circular economy company, generating minimal waste and utilizing extracted residues as fuel or secondary products. We are confident that more companies will manage their used automotive oil with us, and more fleets will adopt METALUB products

Jorge Jimenez, METALUB’s General Manager

Costa Rica’s commitment to green policies and sustainable development is evident in its support for companies like METALUB. This support is crucial for achieving the nation’s ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. By promoting circular economy practices, Costa Rica not only addresses environmental challenges but also sets a global example for sustainable industry.

Furthermore, Costa Rica has established itself as a central hub for business in Central America. The country’s attractive green policies have drawn investments from companies worldwide, keen to align with Costa Rica’s eco-friendly initiatives. This influx of investment not only boosts the local economy but also reinforces Costa Rica’s reputation as a leader in sustainable development.

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METALUB is a leading company in the circular economy sector, specializing in the re-refinement of used motor oils. Committed to sustainability, METALUB’s innovative processes ensure the production of high-quality lubricants while significantly reducing environmental impact.

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