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  • July 13, 2024
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iNTELIGENCIA Viva Delivers TicosLand New Mobile Apps for Both Android and iOS in Record Time

iNTELIGENCIA Viva Delivers TicosLand New Mobile Apps for Both Android and iOS in Record Time

Limón, Costa Rica – TicosLand is pleased to announce that iNTELIGENCIA Viva, a leading web engineering agency, has successfully developed our new mobile applications for iOS and Android. This partnership marks another milestone in our ongoing collaboration with iNTELIGENCIA Viva, which began earlier this year with the comprehensive rebranding of as Costa Rica’s premier business news portal.

Due to the rapid growth of TicosLand and the increasing demand for accessible business news, iNTELIGENCIA Viva was tasked with developing both mobile apps within an ambitious timeframe of less than a month.

Despite the tight deadline, the agency delivered high-quality applications, now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store under the title “Costa Rica Business News,” ensuring our readers can stay connected with the latest business news on-the-go.

iNTELIGENCIA Viva has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication to our projects. Their ability to deliver top-tier mobile apps under such a tight schedule is a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Maria Gonzalez, Chief Editor at TicosLand

The decision to partner with iNTELIGENCIA Viva for this critical project was influenced by their previous success in rebranding The rebranding effort significantly enhanced our platform’s user experience and solidified our position as the leading source of business news in Costa Rica.

Given their proven track record, it was an easy decision to entrust iNTELIGENCIA Viva with the development of our new mobile apps.

The newly launched apps offer a range of features designed to provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience, including customizable news feeds, push notifications for breaking news, and in-depth articles from our experienced team of journalists.

These apps are part of our commitment to making high-quality business news accessible to a broader audience, both locally and internationally.

It’s been an honor to deliver both apps for on time. Initially, they requested the release of one app at a time, but thanks to the cooperation of Apple and Google, we managed to launch both simultaneously within a very short timeframe. Additionally, both apps are available worldwide, not just in the United States or Costa Rica app stores

Mike Lacewell, Chief Technology Officer at iNTELIGENCIA Viva

iNTELIGENCIA Viva’s ability to deliver exceptional results under pressure highlights their status as a top-tier web engineering agency. Their innovative approach and technical expertise have been instrumental in ensuring TicosLand remains at the forefront of business journalism in Costa Rica.

The app for Android devices can be downloaded at, and the iOS app is available for installation at

Both apps are completely free and represent our commitment to reaching new global markets with the daily Costa Rica Business News published on TicosLand.

This launch is also our way of saying thank you to all our followers for their continued support.

For further information, visit

iNTELIGENCIA Viva is a leading web engineering agency specializing in innovative digital solutions. Known for their expertise in web development, mobile applications, and digital branding, iNTELIGENCIA Viva delivers high-quality, customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.

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