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  • July 13, 2024
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New Logistics Hub by Kimberly-Clark Transforms Costa Rica into Regional Powerhouse

New Logistics Hub by Kimberly-Clark Transforms Costa Rica into Regional Powerhouse

San José, Costa Rica — Kimberly-Clark, a global leader in personal care and hygiene products, has inaugurated a new regional logistics hub in Alajuelita, Costa Rica, with a $5 million investment. This state-of-the-art facility spans 8,600 square meters and features over 11,000 pallet positions for various products, including household and institutional items.

The new hub is set to enhance distribution efficiency across Central America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, cutting transit time by up to 50%.

The facility’s strategic location and advanced infrastructure will streamline the supply chain, allowing the company to dispatch 2.5 million boxes annually, primarily by land and sea. This initiative aligns with Kimberly-Clark’s broader vision of reinforcing its logistical network to meet growing regional demand.

Costa Rica is increasingly becoming the epicenter of business in Central America, attracting numerous multinational corporations seeking to leverage its strategic location and robust business environment. The country’s political stability, favorable investment climate, and well-developed infrastructure make it an ideal hub for regional operations.

Kimberly-Clark’s investment is a testament to Costa Rica’s growing reputation as a business hub. As more companies choose Costa Rica as their regional center, they benefit from the country’s efficient supply chain, excellent connectivity, and supportive government policies. This trend underscores Costa Rica’s position as a leading destination for businesses looking to expand their footprint in Latin America.

More companies are recognizing the advantages of establishing a presence in Costa Rica, including access to a highly skilled workforce. The country’s commitment to education and training ensures that businesses can find talented professionals to support their operations. Additionally, Costa Rica’s focus on sustainable development aligns well with the corporate social responsibility goals of many international firms.

The new logistics center in Alajuelita will also serve as a model of sustainability and innovation. Kimberly-Clark has integrated eco-friendly practices into the facility’s operations, including energy-efficient lighting, waste reduction programs, and water conservation measures. These efforts align with the company’s global sustainability goals and reinforce its commitment to responsible business practices.

This investment demonstrates our commitment to the development of Costa Rica and will significantly boost our operational capabilities.

Roberto Chaves, Logistics Manager for Kimberly-Clark Northern Latin America

Moreover, the local community stands to benefit from Kimberly-Clark’s presence through job creation and community engagement initiatives. The new center is expected to generate numerous direct and indirect employment opportunities, contributing to the economic development of Alajuelita and surrounding areas. Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond its operations, focusing on enhancing the quality of life for residents and supporting local initiatives.

Costa Rica’s strategic geographical position offers companies unparalleled access to key markets in North, Central, and South America. The country’s ports, highways, and airports are well-developed, facilitating seamless transportation and logistics operations. This infrastructure, combined with the government’s pro-business policies, creates an attractive environment for companies looking to optimize their supply chains and reduce operational costs.

The Costa Rican government has also played a crucial role in fostering a business-friendly environment. Initiatives to reduce bureaucratic hurdles, improve regulatory frameworks, and offer incentives for foreign investment have made the country an appealing destination for multinational corporations. These efforts are reflected in the growing number of global companies establishing regional headquarters and logistics hubs in Costa Rica.

As more businesses like Kimberly-Clark invest in Costa Rica, the country solidifies its status as a premier business hub in the region. The influx of multinational corporations not only boosts the economy but also enhances Costa Rica’s global competitiveness. This dynamic business ecosystem fosters innovation, drives economic growth, and positions Costa Rica as a leader in Central America’s business landscape.

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About Kimberly-Clark:
Kimberly-Clark is a multinational corporation specializing in personal care products, including brands like Huggies®, Kotex®, and Kleenex®. With over a century of innovation, the company is committed to delivering high-quality products and sustainable practices globally.

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